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·rocky mountain low·
·rocky mountain low·
·rocky mountain low·
·rocky mountain low·

"This is a great surprise and a necessary listen." - HENRY ROLLINS

"A first-rate compilation." - JERSEY BEAT

"You'd do yourself proud by snatching up a copy of ROCKY MOUNTAIN LOW" - BLOG 2 COMM

"Rocky Mountain Low is an insanely great insiderís view of the Colorado underground scene of the late Ď70s." - BYRON COLEY & THURSTON MOORE/BULL TONGUE

"Perhaps the purest, most vital core sample of local music you could ever hope to hear. A+" - THE ONION

"Captures the vitality, humor and exuberance of a punk and post-punk scene that flourished in the shadows" - WESTWORD

"A total knockout of a compilation!" - MAXIMUMROCKNROLL

"This is a must-have for Colorado music enthusiasts" - THE DENVER POST

"An unabashedly honest and objective guidebook to this palpable music scene" - RAZORCAKE


"Action of the highest order!" - OTHER MUSIC

"A must-have for any Denver rock aficionado or punk-rock archaeologist." - AVERSION


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